Smitten Ice Cream

Lately, I have really been on an ice cream indulgence spree!! To continue on with that, this next blog is about a very cool and interesting new ice cream place.

Have you ever thought about seeing ice cream form in front of your eyes? If so, you are in luck! In San Francisco lies a very cool and upcoming sweet spot. It combines the world of sweets and the world of science. This very special place is called Smitten Ice Cream.Image

This ice cream spot is nestled amongst the small boutiques and shops in Hayes Valley on 432 Octavia St. (@ Linden St.). Smitten is a small ice cream spot that uses their patented liquid nitrogen-based technology to make each and every scoop made to order! You read that right! Ice cream made fresh to order. Smitten prides themselves on fresh and high quality ingredients with an environmental sustainable business mindset. I go here as I often as I can. Because every time I go, there is a new and different item on the menu. The menu changes week-to-week, but chocolate and vanilla, also known as the classics, are always available. So how do they do it? They first create a cream made from fresh ingredient. Then they pour their cream with the liquid nitrogen, and viola…fresh ice cream!


Image             Image

Smitten is fairly small with not much place inside to sit. There are a couple of benches underneath the overhang. However, those benches are mainly occupied by people waiting for their ice cream, which could take up to a minute or so. But right across the way from smitten is a nice little park with plenty of benches for you to enjoy your ice cream.Image

When I go to Smitten, I try and order something new that I have not tried before. My favorites so far are their chocolate ice cream and their cinnamon toast ice cream. Smitten’s chocolate ice cream is amazingly rich and flavorful. This place has the chocolateiest chocolate ice cream I have ever had. Also the cinnamon toast ice cream, taste just like cinnamon toast crunch cereal. Extremely decadent and creamy! You can either get your ice cream in a cone or in a cup.

So why do I love this place?

#1 Taste

The flavors offered here are absolutely decadent, fresh, and true to the taste of the actual ingredient. The times I have been to Smitten, I have witness flavors such as dark chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon toast, salted caramel, five spice banana, and brown butter candied apple. For the most up to date menu can be found on their website

#2 Technology

How cool is the idea to use liquid nitrogen to make ice cream? It is truly sweet genius! Not only does it sound cool, but it even looks cool to look at!

#3 Experience

With cool technology of the liquid nitrogen machine, the flavors, and the park; going to Smitten Ice Cream is truly an experience. And experience for your taste buds, and yours eyes! Also, with Smitten’s mission to be an environmentally sustainable business, their ingredients are local and their cups are eco-friendly.

For a truly cool and fun experience with ice cream, I recommend going to Smitten Ice Cream. They flavors and technology will not disappoint!

Thank you for reading my blog! And as always, I will keep the sweet stuff coming!

Keep a heads up for my next blog…Cako’s Cupcakes!

Smitten Ice Cream Information:

Address: 432 Octavia St.  San Francisco


Mondays: 12 – 9pm

Tuesdays: 12 – 9pm

Wednesdays: 12 – 9pm

Thursdays: 12 – 9pm

Fridays: 12 – 10pm

Saturdays: 12 – 10pm

Sundays: 12 – 9pm

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